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Just a simple player slavery mod idea

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The other player slavery mods on here are extensive and one in particular we are all probably waiting for it to update so I thought of a basic idea for anyone that can make this happen. A very basic player slavery mod where if the player surrenders with another mod like cursed loot or other mods which allow it or mods like defeat or similar this mod would have a chance to kick in and basically the player is just teleported away to one of a handful of cells depending on where in the game world they were at the time. These cells would not be reachable from anywhere they would have doors or exits for npcs to use but the player could not and would not be able to use them. The entire time the player is in one of these cells they are getting raped and fucked by bandits or whatever type of humanoid npc that defeated them or that they surrendered to. When the npcs had their fill they leave the room and the player is stuck in some kind of bondage furniture or hogtied whatever. While the player is alone there is a chance for an npc living in the area to come by and pay to screw the player and this would carry on for five or six npcs until one of them would offer to buy the player.


At this point if the player is bought they are teleported away to the owner npc home where the owner npc screws the player many times and then stops. The owner gets their fill for the day and stops basically then goes on about their usual schedule. The player is restrained or hogtied again and at some point the owner returns with another npc that pays to screw the player. Throw in some saucy dialogue between the owner npc and any other npc in the room about how they bought the player and don't mind whoring them out for septims blah blah you get it ok.


There would be a chance for only a few things to happen to the player after being owned like this, one is the player goes through dialogue with the owner and submits to be their slave for a long time and just does things the owner wants like sweep the floor or screw the owner or be a whore for the owner. Another thing is that other mods could be called like simple slavery or similar and the player is sent away to one of those mods. Another thing is the player is sold to another npc and goes through the whole thing again with the other npc in their home. Another thing is the player is possibly set free by the owner and they player is gagged and blindfolded then dropped in some random location in skyrim in the wilderness somewhere naked and missing all their stuff. The owner kept the stuff and if the player wants it back they have to come up with some septims or kill the former owner. This last thing would kick in after the player was a slave to the owner for x amount of time after consenting to be a slave.


I know this doesn't look like anything simple but compared to the complexity of the other player slavery mods out there it might be much more simple.


This way the player is never a perma slave but gets passed around and thrown into different mods too just to be something simple and repeatable.

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