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Sexy, Immersive Carry Bodies Animation

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 So I play a necromancer all the time in Skyrim for various reasons. The main reason, though, is so I can thrall beautiful enemies added by Deadly Wenches among others I have. Here is a few pics of them;





 I'm looking for a carry animation where you can pick up npc's or followers and carry them over your shoulder like seen here- https://www.xvideos.com/video5508857/mayra_leal_-_machete_2010_ NowI don't know how to do animations for Skyrim or I would try it myself. But I was thinking if it could be part of a sorta follower ragdoll mod where you can pick them up and set them down or lay them down while they are either dead or knocked out. So can anyone do this or has something similar been done? :)

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id like that myself! would go with my slaver build.

Yeah. I was thinking it would make for a fine grab em' and run kinda thing too! Maybe where you could tie them up over a horse or something. Or perhaps monsters could have a chance to "abduct" a follower and throw the body over their shoulder and carry them off- forcing anyone left to chase them.  :P

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1...animation build up by using a dummy and create an idle walk (animation type at best is: "Alternate Animation")

2...create a new keyword like: "isCarryingAnNPC"

3...fix the overall conditions for the animation

4.5 add an overall new dialouge for entering the animation or add a "pick-up the npc" option by menu: "talk to...." will appear then with "pick saadia overshoulder" lol

4....and the rest is TRY and ERROR...I remember a mod, when a sleeping victim got sacked and put over shoulder to be carried...(i do not have a time for now ggg)

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+1 Love the idea. (though I don't know if it's even possible.)

I think it can be done because one of sexlab animations has a similar theme where the npc is put over the shoulder and fingered before turning upside down and giving a blowjob. I'll take a pic in game to show.

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you need 2 type of animations one is to put an npc on your shoulder and 2 the walk with npc on your shoulder.

Can you work with 2 bodies in 3dsmax at the same time? Or just 1? How would you apply ragdoll physics to them so feet dangle or whatever? Or would that  be handled automatically by the game for a dead body? Sorry for the questions. Just trying to learn how animations and physics work.  :)

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