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Beauty management mod?

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The mod I'm looking for probably doesnt belong to sexlab, since it has nothing to do with kinky stuff, but since I dont know a better place to ask, here it goes.


I would like to find a mod that introduces some kind of progression in how beautiful the female PC  looks, which is tied to makeup of varying gold value and maybe regularly visiting some beauty professionals (barber shops, some skin therapies). In essense the idea looks like this. In order to look your perfect 100% pre-mod self your PC needs to work for it, and spend some coin. That means mostly buying and applying different kinds of makeup, and skin moisturizers and stuff. Technically they will do the opposite - your default looks will be spoilt by some tatoos or warpaints (involving ugly colors, skin imperfections, black eyes etc), while the beauty goods make them disappear to an extent. The more expensive the goods - the more they remove imperfections. Imperfections will be gradually returning if PC doesn't take care of herself for some time. This generally applies to the face. But occasionally you could also need to visit barber shops, to redo your hair, because as time passes it will be more and more of a mess (changed to some default one).


Now that I think about it, such a mod could have a lot of use here on sexlab since it could be used by a lot of slavery, prostitution mods where pimps or owners would like to boost PC's looks either for themselves or for the sake of clients. 

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