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Assets for a Hairstyle

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So, I was looking for the hair used by Ninirim in this pic, (the armor is Dragon Rises, made by him) and found out it was from Vindictus, twintail natural hair. Unfortunately, Vindictus is region locked so I can't download it then access its assets. I'm trying to learn modding so I'm looking for assets to try and convert to Skyrim. By any chance, does someone have Vindictus and could provide me with the hair assets? Thank you very much.

It would be a bonus if someone could provide an already ported mod of the hair (I've looked everywhere though). Ninirim shared his hair mod but it was behind a paywall and I've recently read that it was erroneous because it was too small.

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Vindictus is region locked so I can't download it then access its assets.

Proxy? FriGate? TOR? Torrents?


Hmm, I'm not familiar with proxies and VPNs and I'm not really trying to play Vindictus. The download is 16 GB (if you're not aware our download speed here in SEA is plain trash), and to go through all this to get an asset would take too much time. The torrents I've found barely has seeders and leechers and were way back in 2010-2013, I'm not sure if the asset was already released by that time. Thanks for replying!

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As I can remember TOR is simple "install-and-run" thing. You no need to be familiar with proxy and other stuff for using it.

And, of course, it will be faster if you start downloading it now than wait for someone to download it for you and upload it to some third-party service (where it will still have to be downloaded).

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