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Beeing Female/Invisible Bodies help

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Hi everyone,


I have recently re-installed Skyrim onto my computer and installed all the mods I wanted to start off with. Got through Helgen, made it to Riverwood and tried out interacting with NPC's.


When I tried to sleep with one of the women, when she stripped down, she was naked for a second or two during the stripping animation, but when doing the deed, her body went invisible and stayed like that until the end. I installed everything that Beeing female advised step by step and it had been fine until adding the "UNP TBBP.7z" it advised for the belly mods. That seemed to have caused the issue, but after uninstalling it, the issue persists. 


Dimonized is the only mod I have for womens bodies, so I doubt its a conflict there. So any help would be appreciated.

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The issue is not Beeing Female.


You may have one HDT issue.
What skeleton and stuff do you use?

What tool do you use for installing your mods?

Have you sorted your mods?


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Maybe the Female Body is missing and only shows when wearing armor because it is "a part" of the armor.

-Try download any Female Body mod and see.

-I recommend using Bodyslide and create a Body and all armors/clothes through it so they fit the preset u choose to use

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