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Nailflan and The Nexus. Wet Dress Mod.

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Can I get a test download here? I'm a huge fan of NailFlan's clothing mods, and I did this... I uploaded it to "The Nexus". I THINK I did but I've received no confirmation from them, The mod works fine for me, but after filling out three pages of Nexus TOS and clickboxes, I have no frigging idea if it works - or if it was was even uploaded.


Nailflan's Terms and Conditions:






You can use this mod for whatever you wish, only credit. Link: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/users/4153877




What I did was this: While its no DMRA conversion, this mod combines Nailflan's Sexy Mandarin dress and his See Through Sexy Mandarin dress into a single esp - with the added bonus that if you have two of the same files in your possession, you wll auto-equip the see-thru version when its raining. Wet booby show!




All credit to NailFlan. This will overwrite your DMRA version.


Bad screenshot time:






(I apologize for the very un-sexy NifSkope screens. I'm just double-checking everything before I upload NailFlan's store)




If you're wearing the dress on the left and get caught out in the rain, you'll auto-equip the version pictured on the right. It looks pretty good if you also use Get Wet.


UPDATE: This mod will soon be redundant as I'll be incorporating a much better version into NailFlan's Cutie Store - which I hope to have uploaded sometime over the next twelve hours. I say "twelve hours" because its going to take me that long to make a Nexus-worthy ReadMe file that no-one will actually ever, err, read.


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Lol! Ok' date=' I've seen the screens!

But why just the upper body?

Souldn't it be more logical to make all the dresses (upper and lower body) wet from rain?



I am guessing he just stuck with the way the original mod was set up, which only includes the upperbody. It is fairly simple to combine the lower body (and shoes if you want) with nifskope and create the desired effect.

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