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[Outdated] BU Dungeon 1.0

Guest Donkey

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Guest Donkey
Ashal has made this board visable by all also guest. In order t prevent this i made the attachment. Only registred users are able to get to it please do not make the link directly visible.


This does only contain the esp. you still need the original BU from japan website to make it work. It got all the resources. get them here: BU Dungeon website





Installation Instructions


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.

2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.

3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\

4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.


Uninstallation Instructions


1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.

2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.



If you want anything good check the BU-armor thread here for more info: BU Armor thread


This mod was a request for some folks from the old wolflore if you don't know what BU-Dungeon is you probably what to ask around first, before even messing with this mod.


Please read : This mod is not for the faint of heart.


Load order recommendation: Due to huge amount plug-ins, you can always experiment some. For this one there not really a magic loadorder but i placed mine all above of the lovers series it will then look like something like this. Please note i am also currently playing with heavy modded game.



Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm

Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm

Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm

Francesco's Optional New Creatures Add-On.esm


Lovers with PK.esm



CM Partners.esm











Trashdog's SPB Heavy AB Shop.esp

BSK Break Undies.esp

Dancing Shadow Rose Break Undies.esp



Plate of the Shadow.esp


DC Maid Costume.esp

FEZA Vesta Set.esp





Argent Iron Armor.esp




R18PN - Schatten lauf Amr.esp

SpeedBuster Collection.esp

Nier Replicant- kaine outfit.esp

homura outfit HGEC.esp

FSN Equipments.esp

Blades BU.esp


Toggleable Quantity Prompt.esp



Unholy Darkness.esp




CV - Templar Fortress.esp



Rumare Castle.esp

CM Partners.esp

CM Partners Extra NPCs.esp

CM Partners Marker NPCs.esp

CM Partners More NPCs.esp

CM Partners NPC.esp

CM Partners Special NPCs.esp









Duke Patricks - Fortress of Fear.esp

Duke Patricks - Combat Magic II.esp

Duke Patricks - Combat Archery.esp


Nicos Kynareth Archery.esp







BU_Nenyond Twyll.esp






BU kvatch.esp

BU ImperialDungeon.esp

BU Kemen.esp






J3X's Staff Bashing Mod.esp

Servant of the Dawn.esp

Francesco's Optional Files.esp

Alternative Start by Robert Evrae.esp

























Lovers with PK.esp

Bashed Patch, 0.esp









After reviewing some of the stuff from Japan i stumbled upon loversNA patch to work with BuDungeon. What this means is you won't have to do difficult things anymore to get the BUDungeon to work. Now just copy paste either Jenova or Phil loversNA meshes and the textures in the directory OblivionData and your set. only use one of the BUEuipment.esp either BUEquipment.esp or BUEquipmentNA.esp


Normal BUEquipment still requires you install the meshes yourself. But if you just want to ready it all and just want to try BUDungeon use BUEquipmentNA.esp


Incompatible mods:

XEO somehow it screws up with this one some enemies won't have hair while others will. Very strange. Disabling it made everything back to normal.

Addon motion changer combined with lovers. Workaround: disable idle.kf in the directory:


Now both animation will work again, both motion-addon and lovers idle.



Oretueee from: oblivion.forum.jpmod for creating massive plug-in with so many options to it.

Jenova for Lovers NA Meshes

Phil for Lovers NA Meshes

Lovers NA creators for textures.


Download: BUDungeonDownloadLink.txt



You guys have probably already noticed. But because of other games and short space of harddrive.

I decided to remove all contents of oblivion to make space for other games like New vegas and skyrim


And because of this i no longer support oblivion or will update or create new content for it. Because of this

I give permission for others who wants to make new additions based of my work to continue with there progress.


The only thing i do ask. If you are using anything from me not to forget to mention my name, because i spend allot

of time creating those mods and translations.


Donkey Signing off for Oblivion..

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Guest Donkey

Ok here are the last one if i have more. i will show how this BU Dungeon looks like.


These pictures are to show how well lovers series really works with those BU Dungeons combined.

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You should really get a flashlight :P


But it looks nice. If i manage to get oblivion work correctly with mbp++ and stuff i'll try that out too :3


Edit: Okay... maybe you should say what file we have to download exactly from that japanese site. How about you link to the right post in that thread over there and explain a bit. In the first post there are 2 files but my translator doesn't get enough sense out of it so i don't really know what to do and are those the latest files anyway? :D

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Guest Donkey

I already said, this mod is not for newbies. if you do not know how, ask in the other thread maybe someone will have time to fully explain, since i don not have the time.


if you download the full one from that Japanese site all the info is already included.


And yes this is mod is more for modders it needs to be setup by you or else every one will walk around without a body. So you need to know how to work with tes construction set. if yo don't know how, it's time learn, and head bethesda wiki where there is full tutorial available.

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Guest Donkey

I think i found a way to make BUDungeon to work normally without the hassle of having to do this manually. I stumbled upon a lovers NA patch to work wit BUDungeon only need to do is extract the files in your data folder and the meshes should be installed correctly, because of this i included a BUEquipmentNA.esp only use this one. the other equipment still require you to install it manually. But because of the huge meshes i am unable to upload here so i included mediafire and megaupload till i am able to upload here.



Jenova and Phil for there meshes for LoversNA

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Took me a while but I got it to work, had to turn off BUsercen and had a couple load order and conflict issues, but that wasn't a big deal. Like you said the non "NA" esp gave no body. Using the 'NA" version and Jenovas meshes didn't quite work for me at least, there were bodies, but naked. Finally replaced the meshes with Phils version and it all worked. So yes Donkey, thanks for posting that esp and meshes.

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Guest Donkey

Not sure i have to check. if they only use stuff from armor01 to armor12 then no they should have BU armor on if you use phil meshes. i have to check why the one from Jenova won't work.


I also noticed a new option within the script. When ever you gain 10 points you can summon one of the bosses in the main room and they should have companion script attached to them in with you give them command follow stay sit etc.. only i never been able to command them, maybe that is still in the works but the script does look ready. Maybe i need more points to activate that so i will keep testing.

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I have seen a tutorial for BUD and, if i understood it right, you need to assign armors to bosses manually in CS.

I can upload this manual if you missed it. Moonspeak, but with pictures for steps. Not enough for me to understand though.


ps: i've made a collection of breakable armors once, can pack everything and upload somewhere. For every BU armor there is a source mod and BU meshes. But here is a problem when using all this with BUD: many armors are split, they have different broken meshes for every part, while BUD needs one piece armors to function.

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Guest Donkey

No in the NA version they named the boss armor same as regular armor so both should have armor now. you are correct about the normal equiments esp, there is you have to manually add aaaBUDBossArmor to every armor.


In the main BUDungeon Core there is script called aaaBUDgirlAbilitySC

This is where those summoned bosses in the main room is called but i am uncertain about load order. You see they say BuDungeonCore.esp needs to be higher it will then look like this.






But the real problem with this load order is both equipment and appened will override core esp and leaving a dummy script for the aaaBUDgirlAbilitySC script. witch means this is disabled. But placing the core last should make the script visible again.

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Guest Donkey

yes i am currently playtesting with it, you need to delete idle.kf from that motion file. or else when sex initiates that iddle will mess up the animation.


in the directory : Data\Meshes\Characters\_male\specialanims\BUA\ is a file called idle.kf delete that and all can now work together.

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Guest Donkey

just discovered something. those bosses you defeat and summon in th main room are full blown companions. Hit the sneak key and they use the space-bar on them and you will have huge command to give them even changing there name. :D


They are not the same one you defeated in the BUDungeon these actually belong to your player faction. So they are separate. And everytime you gain 10 points you can summon a new one. you can also take them with you on a dungeon crawl. Or even oblivion gates if you are that evil. :D

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Nope, both archives contain meshes only. It may work for you only because you already have all the textures(for exaple you had LoversNA installed once). My oblivion is clean, and girls run in purple outfits.

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Here's a million dollar question, how do I get out of this dungeon? The BU spell just takes me back a few feet back to the wall. Do I need to use the console, defeat more bosses or did I miss some item in my inventory.

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Guest Donkey

you can just use the BUDungeon spell in your inventory self spell tab. the same way you used to get to the main room. you can just un-summon you back to same place before you got to main room into Cyrodill.


if the spell aint' working then some mod is conflicting with it. Also once you start a new game. with BUDungeon and you decide to install a new mod, and continue the same savegame the Budungeon might not work well anymore until you start a new game.


Sorry no workaround around that part.

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Yea Donkey, thanks, looks like it was the latter, added some mods. I went back to a save where Oblivion added the dungeon and could go in and out with the self spell. Btw sorry but I don't have a million on me atm, it was just a figure of speech.

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