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What music replacers/custom musics do you use in Oblivion?


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I've noticed that a lot of people (self included) don't play with vanilla Oblivion music. So what titles/soundtracks have you used from other games/music packs/movies/whatever that you think are fitting for Oblivion's setting and your game play style?

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I use a lot of music. Oblivion Music Overdose and the earlier Morrowind Music Overdose series are the most recent additions, but hell are they worth it. I use the Better Music System mod, so I have various Song of Prayer renditions from Final Fantasy X playing in my chapels, as well as the bgm of the Temple of Time from Legend of Zelda and several songs from the .hack//G.U. OST. I find that some of the songs from the .hack//SIGN OST fit very nicely when exploring. The Princess Mononoke Soundtrack has some neat songs for exploration and dungeoneering, as does the Infinite Undiscovery OST. The Deathnote OST contributes heavily to my Aylied Ruins music. The Buccano! OST also has some worthy contributions. I sprinkle in various things from my music library as they fit and occasionaly have to purge out the unworthy from my folders when I end up with 30+ songs for just the Jerral Mountains, lol. Lastly, I've replaced the entirety of my battle music with more upbeat JRPG songs like the ones in the Final Fantasy series.

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Also use the Better Music system. For dungeons in general I use simple ambient washes and filters which adds a minimalistic creepiness feel along with cava obscura.


For exploration music I use the more depressing side of Daggerfall's music and some typical quiet ambient stuff. Each of the regions has its own sound which I've pulled from too many games but mainly HoMM3 and 4 along with some Everquest stuff and a little Diablo. (Nothing like the snow theme from HoMM4 in the Jerall mnts). There's also a little Arcanum, Conan the Dark Axe and Rule of Rose in some spots.


Town music is just simple renfaire/medieval stuff. Taverns are Daggerfall shop/inn music.


Battle music is from a lot of different sources, I went mostly with light drums and/or creepy-sounding (Wounded Warsong from Silent Hill 4, that creepy Shadow temple song, Raiders song from FO1, little more Conan Dark Axe some EQ raid zone music.)

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