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DMRA Feet & Ankles


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I am looking for a modder to re-design the DMRA lower body's feet and ankles to match up with the HGEC feet that most footware mods and modders are using. The DMRA ankles are much smaller than the HGEC ankles thus causing an ugly mis-match when wearing the HGEC shoes modded by Biscuits, Pekka, Apachii, Exnem, YangYang and many others. Which sadly, don' match the DMRA ankles :( .


Since the HGEC body is very popular, it is used as the base model for footware and jewelry, not the DMRA models. The neck and hands are generally not a problem although some DMRA models have clipping issues at these points. DMRA is suppose to be a variation of the HGEC model but has deviated greatly at the legs and ankles.


So, if there is any of you fine modders willing to fix the DMRA lower body's ankle to fit the popular HGEC footware, you would have my and the DMRA community's, undying gratitude! :heart: Please help us!

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What I have done in my game is taken the upper body from the DMGUTS body, and the lower body from the ERA or KRA (cant' remember which) body. This results in a body that looks like DMRA, but one where the wrists, waist, and ankles all match standard HGEC.


You can get the DMGUTS and ERA/KRA bodies from the SetBody mod.

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