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  1. Thanks. If you make requests in this thread, I require photos posted with your requests. It helps me decide if we want to do the conversions or not. It is not an option. No photos, no conversions. I don't speak for @NIND (jimmyyu) but this should be the case in all requests.
  2. @NIND (jimmyyu) I leave outfits with SMP to you to do since I enjoy using them too. If I do them, they lose the SMP.
  3. I looked at this earlier and decided to pass on it. SE SMP outfit with little appeal. Sorry
  4. Leopard Print Latex Dress CBBE.need SE conversion pls :)

  5. If someone wants to do that, I will agree. Support for previous conversions is dependent on the conversion in question, and the modifications required
  6. Unfortunately, that armor has no appeal for conversion. I pass
  7. No, they are scattered out in previous posts. I never was interested in creating and maintaining a database. Sorry. With having a database for download, would subject me to having to support old mds that have been outdated over the last 4 years.
  8. As NIND says its a bit much to do. You have to convert all the texture files as well as the mesh. I converted some of them for my own use but no intention to do the rest at this point.
  9. By request. . . . [Predator] Dark Lust Dreams CBBE HDT BS. Shiny latex bikini armor by Predator. Boots not included. From the Sexy Clothes Group I did earlier. Dark Lust Dreams CBBE HDT LE.7z
  10. I am working on the first one, second is in the que, not doing the boots.
  11. Sorry, my bad. I loaded the wrong file earlier. Please use the new file in my original post instead. Thank you for the heads up too.
  12. By Request. . . . . Anna Night CBBE HDT BS in 5 colors. I have a problem with the stocking here. They seem to be made in sections and hard to keep them in place so there is some clipping. Use a better set is my advice. Enjoy Ooops! I pasted the wrong files earlier. Anna Night V2 should be correct now. Also fixed several issues as noted. Please reinstall. MY medications are making me very tired and subject to mistakes. My appologies. Anna Night CBBE HDT BS_v2.7z
  13. Spamming the thread with that many photos is not appreciated @estjava . Please learn how to hide them in a spoiler when posting more than two large mat photos.
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