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BDSM/Tourer and police equipment objects and animations

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Hi, I would love to have someone make some special BDSM/Tourer and police equipment objects and animations for them and what I am looking for is listed below.




Rope/chains, to suspended a sim from the ceiling and walls.

Bench/table with restraints.

Whips/cane/birch, i.e. tree/bush branch.

Sex machine.

Electric shock devices/tenses machine.

Cattle prod.

Working peppier spray/stun gun.

Working Firearms, handgun and rifle.

Bow and arrow.

Target range.




Rope/chains, sim suspended/chained to the wall and whip/electric shocked/strap-on sex.

Sex machine, a box with a dildo attached to an arm that moves back and forth at different speeds, for both A and V sex. Also make it work solo and controlled by another sim.

Bench/table with restraints, i.e. device for holding a sim in on place to be used for sex games.

Electric shock devices/tenses machine, a small hand held device with pads that can be placed on a sim and used electric shock by another sim.

Target range, something like a bowling ally, but used for target practise for firearms and bow/arrow.

Working Firearms/bow and arrow , to be used on the target range and for killing other sims.

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Guest Redabyss

Zorak has some police-themed animations. 

I think the things you're asking are wayyyy to specific, they would required objects, and then animations to be made XD

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I have most of that in my list of models to do. I need end other projects and time for start with something new.

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