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  1. My pornstar cock Mod wont work for some reason


  2. Por desgracia esto depende enteramente de las animaciones, algunos penes son demasiado grandes y las animaciones por lo usual son hechas utilizando de referencia los modelos estándar, es por eso que puede haber ciertos desajustes.
  3. Hi Aberdeen98, some pubic hairs are not compatible with this mod, for these reason may appear over the tip.
  4. The last version of this mod has a tuning file, be sure of having that one ([Noir and Dark Sims 4] Pornstar Cock - Tuning File for WW) this give support to all the models for the body selector Not yet, but I will work on that.
  5. Not sure if you are referring to some document in the download or other thing. Its working fine, I tried the link and works.
  6. The mod is back to being updated. The last version should fix a few errors with the body selector. The issue with the black penises happens when are added new custom skin tones that are not compatible with penis mods. The game added new skin tones in these past updates, but now the problem was fixed with WW. If for some reason you have this error with a custom skin tone, this is why. It supposed to be possible and I tried before to remove the meshes from CAS and include them only in the body selector, but even with the correct adjustments, the meshes still appear on CAS,
  7. Maybe this person is in the hospital with COVID ??


    Hope not :(

    1. .Noir.


      Hey. For fortune not, the past year was a very busy one for me, so I decided to focus on my duties and on my Patreon page.

    2. PC Naughty Boy

      PC Naughty Boy

      Speaking of which - Any plans to expand the number of sex dolls & add multiple skintones??  Maria's nice but umm... :D lol

  8. The New Update Mess Up The Penis Rig Can Yall Fix?

  9. This doesn't work any more. Does anyone know if this person quit?

    1. Sylvia94


      Public release is still working for me. Noir's mainly active on patreon now.

    2. shanizzlee


      they don't do free updates anymore as it seems, they lock all their fixes behind a paywall now, kinda sad.

  10. Hi👋👋..I just want to know..does anybody know creator that create small penis? lol..the small penis available is still big 😅 Maybe like asian small size penis..like south east asia..lol

  11. Hello! How do I find the animations uploaded by Noir? Anyway I'm new to wicked whims and Lover Lab

    1. jenniferslab


      click see their activity on the right of their profile


  12. Noir this might sound weird but can you make the balls move saggy and longer the pornstar cocks

    1. fooob


      Why not just change the mod entirely and use sliders and other CAS features for the dick and balls I think that would make the mod easier to use.

    2. zoezone313
  13. how do u download your mod?

  14. With the new update for WW that adds pubic hair your Pornstar Cock v4.0 penises get hair on the cock's head.
    I thought it was a glitch by WW but the base penis that comes with the mod doesn't have that problem.

    I believe is up for an update? Thanks!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tsunamistorms


      It's Luumia's mod that is causing the problem. They haven't had time to update their CC, but they are aware of it

    3. Aaronstar


      Guys am I alone, the Noir huge penis mod does not work during sex? How is it some players can I cannot, what am I doing wrong? What have I added or missed? 


      I want huge dicks during sex not just for show and model, I have seen players with huge penises during oral and penetration, what am I doing wrong? Help

    4. Wowserz


      I have the same problem. The Noir penis mod does not work with the new pubic hair system. The hair goes on penis head! LMAO!

  15. When do you pretend to update the mod? I like and I use for a long time. I would like if you introduce curved(down, up, left and right) cocks on the mod.

    1. lihairden


      i had the same problem, and i was using a body hair mod from mts.   took the body hair off and he was fine......just looked rather bare lol

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