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Sovngarde Steel Changes


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This mod is a set of armor I've been having fun with, not gonna lie. It's like the Queen's Blade armor mod, but with good textures and models. Thing is, I play with the Monli and Ashen race, and the breasts...well, they're too big, obviously. So, my request is this;


A proportion change. If someone could reduce the breasts and hips to match a younger body, that would be amazing. Not totally flat and without curves, but less voluptuous. Monli looks ridiculous with big breasts, and it just seems off for Ashen with non-petite breasts. For the _1 variant of the mesh, have it look like the original _0, please? Leaving the nearly flat chest as the lowest end of the slider and the bigger-but-not-large breasts as the large end.


I use the CBBE variant, as it's the only matching mesh for Monli, so if someone was willing to do this, could they do it for the CBBE variant? I'd be greatly appreciative if someone could do this, as I'm incredibly stupid when it comes to 3d modelling, to be blunt.



EDIT: forgot to mention, but I did ask the creator of the mod. I think they ignored me, cause I asked a good week or two ago. Plus, I don't quite think Nexus likes flat chested girls. Flat chests need love too.

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Sorry for the late response, but the reason I'm not using UNP is because I don't quite like it. Sure, it has some redeeming features, but it just feels too...doll like. CBBE looks more realistic. Mila's not all that sexy, but yes; her body type is what I was kinda hinting at. I couldn't remember her name for the life of me.

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