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BIzarre NPC Placement Issue In A Cave


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I'm making a mod, and trying to place three named NPCs in a cave. I put their references way at the bottom (but they have lots of room to spawn), and - for some reason - they spawn waaay up at the top right (see image).








I'm not having any trouble with any other NPCs (they all show up where they're supposed to). Just these three. They spawn in a locked room, instead of in the middle of the cave, and the effing Boss has the key I need to unlock the door.


Even with no AI at all, they spawn way across the map. Any ideas? They SHOULD just stand where I put them.


Thank you.


EDIT: Is it unreliable to place Bandit class NPCs directly into dungeons? I just put each of them into their own leveled creature list and that seems to have done the trick (after three playthroughs). I'm going to play it a dozen times before I call it "working", though.


EDIT #2: Ok, that didn't work either.

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Guest Loogie

Is the area where you're placing them navmeshed? I've noticed in Fallout if you place an NPC in an area that is not navmeshed, when you enter the cell they will be standing somewhere that is navmeshed.

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