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Skyrim music replacer

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Not really a mod, but something I thought some of you might enjoy.


It a file that replaces one of the "explore" tracks, and one "town" track at various places around Skyrim, as well as the main theme with the "Promentory" instrumental from the movie Last of the Mohicans.


You can preview the song right here if you like before installing it.


It's a pretty powerful ballad that has stuck with me since I first saw the movie in 1992. If it's something you find to your liking as well, just merge the attached file below to your main Skyrim directory.







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Guest Lady Luck

Damn' date=' song is now firmly embedded in my brain. Thanks for that.


Seriously though, love music like this. Thank you!



indeed it's epic as hell

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Had to share this.


Just finished the main quest on my new Frost Elf Character, (Thank you trykz for frost elves custom race, theeeeeeeey're great) and as soon as my toon is transported from Sovrngarde back to the Throat of the World in Tamriel/Skyrim. This music started up, as all the dragons started roaring their Eulogy for Alduin.






just... just... epic...

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I have never gotten the point of the "Music Replacer" mods. I mean, ever since DOOM i have been turning the music volume all the way down and just playing my own if i didn't like the music. Now with things like Pandora and Spotify, it's even easier.


Still, it does take some technical skill to do these mods...

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For one thing, replacing the music allows you to set certain music to automatically play in certain areas. Say, you have a song that's perfect for cave areas, but not for outdoor areas. If you just played your own music, you'd have to minimize the game and start the song every time you entered a cave, and then minimize the game again when you leave to shut it off. Replacing the music will automate that process.


In addition, simply playing your own music will cause the same track to play for all events instead of being able to change on the fly for fighting enemies and such.


I got the mod Personalized Music from the Nexus, which lets you add tracks to areas like caves, towns, Blackreach, etc., as well as for things like dragon attacks and general combat, and I loves it.

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