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[FONV] Type N: Vegas Girl

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At long last, my Type N port of Vegas Girl Outfits! Sorta anyway.

Changes from original:

  • Outfits are no longer free and are sold at Goodsprings and Nipton.
  • The add-on coats and items have been removed. (Some odd errors were occurring and I got tired of trying to isolate them.)
  • Outfits have been rebalanced and have new "enchantments". (Clothes make the girl! :D)
  • New totally inappropriate pervert bait transparent versions have been added. :P
  • Versions with Lex's ponchos (yes they bounce... AHEM) have been added.



TypeN Vegas Girl (1.0).7z

Version History

  • 1.0 - Initial Release! I've been using it for awhile so it should be mostly bug free-ish.
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Guest carywinton

These outfits look really marvelous Nessa and this is exactly the type I would expect to see in the Mojave , very sexy yet true to lore, well done. :D 

I will try and have a look at them in game, but from the screen shots, they truly look "Production" quality.

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