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Apachii Hair to custom race?


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Googled a bit' date=' though found nothing related to that, so does anyone know how to make a custom race compatible with apachii's hair mod ?


Edit: nvm.



Having looked at it but not really tested it, you may have to set a "Morph Race" in the "Copied Data" section of the General tab of the Race GUI for your race. That bases all face-morphing and head part stuff on an existing race.


As far as I can tell that's the only way to have any control over what hair you want. Of course, you would have to load the apachii esm into the creation kit as well as your custom race plugin for them to show up. I guess find out what hairs you want them to have, figure out what regular race can use all or most of the hairs you want and then use that race as the morph.


Be sure to make a backup of your esp before doing any of this! I cannot guarantee you will get the results you want.

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