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cmar_remove clothes nude details is not working

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i don't know if i can put this here since is not an mod from this forum but well here goes:


Did anyone noticed that cmar_remove clothes nude details is not working that well? well it works but last time i checked it make the sims get invisible and since it was not updated for the previews updates of sims it dont seems to me that will be fixed. his last updated it was for June 2016 update and since then we already had more than 3 updates of sims


Edit: i noticed that he wrote that the mod dont work and talk about an Sims 4 Anatomy mod (that i dont even know if it still works) but i don't get it since i didn't find anything in the description that supposedly remove the clothes when i click in the "X" and i don't want to change my default things (that is what i think will more do it than what i want to do)



so someone knows a similar mod where if i click in the "X" the sims will get naked?

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