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Wicked Whims and Beds

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I never noticed an issue with Wicked Whims and beds until I started playing a mixed family: 1 human mother and 1 alien child. I think this problem became more obvious after the Toddler patch was released in January and after a February path was released over the first weekend of the month.


I honestly don't know if EA did something to beds in the Toddlers and Feb patches because those monsters were always seen under beds by children.


I used Wicked Whims for only about 3 or 4 days right before the Toddlers patch and waited patiently for the mod to be updated to become compatible with both Toddlers and Feb patches. But I do not know if this has been an ongoing problem with Wicked Whims and beds since June 2016. That was when EA released the patch to give children something to worry about under their beds.


Main issue: the monster under the bed


With Wicked Whims (and all animations) installed:


- both human mother and alien child sent to bed at the same time

- the night sped through fine until the early morning hours

- the alien child woke up, gasping and looking around the bottom of the bed before she was ejected from her bed (monster picture showed over her head)

- the monster was invisible to the child (shouldn't happen because children are said to be able to see them)


Without Wicked Whims (and all animations) installed:


- both human mother and alien child sent to bed at the same time

- the night sped through fine until the early morning hours

- the alien child woke up and got out to look under the bed, panicking when she saw the monster under her bed

- the child ran to her mother and woke her up, telling her there's a monster under her bed

- the child asked her mother to go spray the bed, and the mother did (I had to direct her to spray - EA bug)


No mods installed:


- Same as above without Wicked Whims


I don't know what exactly happened to the beds in the Toddlers and Feb patches, but it seems Wicked Whims messed something up in regard to children and beds in general. I can't say if all of the animations (listed in the Wicked Whims forum) affected the beds or not. I am not an animation expert to conclude on that point.


Hopefully something can be looked into to see what exactly caused the problem with beds and monsters using this mod. Thank you in advance for any help figuring this out.

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Hey Svetlanae!


Thanks for the details, there is only one thing I don't like about your test. You removed just WW to test if that helped, but you should have removed everything expect WW and see it the problem persists just with WW. This way you can tell if it's just WW that causes it.


I don't know if I understand what you're saying, but know that monsters under beds were released few months before toddlers, although, beds were changed for toddlers when they came out.


I don't know yet how I will test this and don't even know what to look at if this is actually caused by WW, but please test it the way I explained and we will see. Sometimes when you have outdated mods that are missing extra data added after updates and you put WW or other script mods in, stuff breaks and it seems like it's WW fault.

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Thank you for the reply.


I tested WW three different ways to thoroughly check if the issue is caused by WW or not.


I removed all of the mods (including WW) in one test and created a brand new family of just a mother and a child to place on a lot. The child woke up when the monster showed up under her bed and got out to go tell her mother about it.


Then I did a test with just WW installed and created a new family (again, it's just the mother and the child). The child woke up with a monster picture over her head, looking around at the bottom of her bed. When she was supposed to get out of her bed and panic before running to her mother, the girl was ejected from her bed (kind of like a jump bug that sometimes happen in Sims 2 and 3). I had control of the girl to see if I could see where the monster was, but it didn't seem to show under the bed. The monster was invisible, but it was there scaring the child.


The mods were deemed compatible with the latest patch by other creators.


But, I did reset my game as an extra measure to eliminate all of the potential problems running the game. Backed up and renamed the original Sims 4. Regenerated the entire game and installed only WW to check again to see if I could recreate the same issue I had before. Same results - the child was ejected from her bed when she woke up with the monster picture over her head.


If you want specific ways to test, please let me know. I will test again if it is necessary to get to the bottom of the issue.

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Uhh.. I've spent an hour figuring this out. I've never seen that monster and never play with children, but took the time to check it out. Here's my effect, but don't let that make you think it's an issue on your side: http://imgur.com/ada0AM2


I actually don't know what's going on because this seems really inconsistent and that monster seen working on WW is sort of cheating.


I've started with a test with WW installed and never seen the monster.

Then I removed all of the mods and seen the monster for the first time. That made me think that there is something to it.

Added WW again to confirm and the monster was not appearing. So I got an idea - let me save the game while the monster is visible to have a test save.

Removed the mod and had no monster visible for quite some time. After few game resets (so I start at night), I finally go the monster and saved the game.

The screenshot above is the effect of loading the game with WW while the monster is active under the bed.


Based on how the game works I would assume I was just unlucky and the monster works, it just never appeared when I was testing it with the mod.

But because I don't know much about this feature, I don't know if that's how it should be and if the monster should appear only sometimes.


Are you sure that it wasn't just a chance and you have not seen the monster because it hasn't actually appeared? Do you know of a way to make the monster appear every single time?

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I looked at the image you posted. There shouldn't be a monster under the bed if the adults are on that bed enjoying their foreplay. Did you have the child selected in order to see the monster under the bed when you took that screenshot?


WW installed:


- The child was asleep IN her single bed when she woke up and looked around at the bottom of the bed. The monster was supposed to appear under the bed, but it either didn't or was invisible. She looked terrified with the monster icon above her head. At -that- moment, when she was supposed to climb out of her bed to freak out, she got ejected from her bed.


The bed was an orange kids' bed (EA).


WW not installed:


- The child was asleep in her single bed when she woke up and saw the monster under her bed. The monster showed up under the bed. The girl climbed out of her bed, freaked out and ran to her mother who was asleep in her own room.



I read a thread where someone suggested using Sims 4 Studio to fix the lights and beds among other things. I followed that suggestion to fix the beds in Sims 4 Studio using Tools on the menu bar: Tools->Batch Fixes->Objects->Fix single beds to be monster compatible. But I haven't had time to thoroughly play the test family to see if the solution works for all of the single beds.


Monsters won't appear under double beds if I understood the information correctly about Monsters and beds on the EA site.


I do not know if the monster appear every night or not. Some players on the EA forums stated the monster showed up every night for them while others stated the monster showed up randomly. There were a few players who stated the monster never appeared for them. So the monster's appearance seemed to be purely random. I also understood that a child's Imagination (skill) played a hand in this monster business to an extent that they will wake up to a monster showing up under their beds and freaking out before they run to their parents.


I will do testing with the fixed beds to see if that issue is resolved on its own.

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Yes, I took the screenshot with a child sim active.
From my testing, no matter WW is installed or not, the child sim would always wake up and go the parent to ask for spraying the monster and sometimes try to talk to it.
With you stating "she got ejected from her bed" means that some exception occurred in the game and you should get an exception file created with it or the game code handled the situation and simply reset the sim. I will include info about exception files below.
If you don't have any exceptions, I can't really tell what could be causing this and it doesn't really make much sense to happen in the first place. Sorry, but I might not be able to help you.

Posting Exception Files
Exception files can be found in The Sims 4 documents folder (Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4). The most important file is called 'lastException.txt'. Additionally, there can be a file called 'WickedWhimsException.txt' which could be helpful too. Please look for the most recently created files since they will most likely be related to your issue.
You can include these files in your post or upload the contents of them to a sharing site like Pastebin. To use Pastebin, open your file, copy its contents to the site and create a new a new paste. Then copy the link of the site you're at after creating a paste and include it in your post.
Note that 'lastCrash.txt' files aren't useful to help your problem.

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I did not think to look into those files until you suggested them. I looked into the last exception file generated and sorted through the information from it to find out what was going on. The file indicated an unrelated mod causing issues as far as children were concerned. I don't know why teapots had anything to do with monsters under the bed, but I will remove that particular teapot mod enabled for children and see if this issue goes away.


Only reason I thought about Wicked Whims is because the beds in general were used for various sexual actions.


I will let you know if removing a mod reported in the last exception file is the solution to getting to the bottom of the problem I had for some time.

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You can just send the exception files and I can tell you what is going on if you're not sure.


As far using objects go, WickedWhims doesn't use any of the objects allowed for animations, they work as pointers, positions, not actually editing them as objects. The only issues you would encounter possibly caused by WW with any object is if you wouldn't be able to click on that object at all.

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