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How do I switch positions between sex actors?

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Do you mean switch two actors in animation? If using WickedWhims, you should be able to by playing as one of the sims in the animation, then clicking on the other sim hit "wickedwhims" , "sex" , then "swap the position" or something to that effect.

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I used to have a swap position option, not anymore, its gone. I still have my sims set to anything goes which is what gave me the option to begin with. No idea, my sims just get a little excited I guess and screw up who is who. Turbo knkws there is an issue & next version will have a fix or improved recognition of what the simplayer intends to occur. Just waitin... 

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Hey  StrongCringe102!

Actors Positions
When starting a sex interaction sims are set to their positions depending on the first possible role they fit into. It's random in a way.


You can switch sims positions by selecting one of the sims in the sex interaction as your active sim you're playing with and clicking on the other sim in the sex interaction. You should get the option to swap positions and if it's not available then consider changing gender settings to allow for that.


By definition, there is no way to define a top and bottom for sims. You can't resolve that between different animations, you can't resolve that with more than two sims and you can't resolve that with differences between setups creators make when creating roles in animations. Simply saying, only human can tell how it should be done for every individual situation.

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