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hallo' date=' i was using sexoutlust and messed my savegame, now i have a horny effect perm. , any one know the id for that "horny" status (- 1 int -1 char) , so i can use Player.RemoveSpell command





Basic Horny is -1 Int +1 Cha. As for the permenant state, double check the settings in MCM. Make sure the top slider, which essentially determines how long you last in between needing sex isnt sex <1 day. and they less then 1 day and yea, the character typically walks around constantly horny.


If that isnt it, all I can suggest is make sure all Sexout assets are up to date and do a clean save.

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Simple solution. Re-add lust, get laid until horny goes away fully, THEN save and remove lust. If that doesn't work your save is corrupted and you need to either deal with it or create a new character.


Simple rule for any mod that adds effects. Solve the problem in-game and remove all effects before saving and removing the mod.

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