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Graphics Overhaul(s) that work well with Lovers With PK?

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Does something like that exist? I'd like the overall game to look better, but my priority is the Characters' Faces/Models.

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Get Qarl's, one of the L&G mods, OCOv2\Xeo\MBP-based-replacer of your choice (pick ONE), OBGEv3\ENB\OR\OBGEv2+Controller+LW (pick ONE). Grab whatever male\female body you like (Robert's Male is most common for males, and Setbody allows you to choose in-game between a very large variety of female bodies as well as set them in game).


Should get you started.

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To clarify, let me see if I read this correctly:



-One of the L&G mods

-OCOv2, Xeo, MBP (not all of them)

-OBGEv3, ENB, OR, OBGEv2+Controller+LW (not all of them)

-A male and female body replacer that I like


Is that correct? Also, what do each of those mean? I know what ENB is, but I've never had much luck with it on any game. Couldn't quite figure it out. Also, do I want to install LPK first, or these overhauls?

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First nude body Mods, armor-clothes replacer and other Mods. Then Lovers.

And  Tamgo/Hiyoko last ( the Pregnancy, children Mods ) After you have installed the Tamgo/Hiyoko mods you can not change your Load order or the Mods no longer work. So you can not add or remove Mods after you activated the Tamgo/Hiyoko Mods.


Body Mods, armor-clothes replacer and small mods you need ( OBSE, Pluggy, Oblivion Modmanager, MenuQue,...)

Read my yellow Link below.


It's only the basic you need before you can install Lovers. No ENB, Overhauls and "Beauty Mods". it's a guide for beginners.

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Qarl's Texture Pack: this is a pack of thousands of good-quality textures that cover multiple aspects of the game. There are some textures missing, obviously, but it covers so many that it's definitely the starting point for any aspiring modder.


L&G mods: Lush & Gaudy mods overhaul the flora and fauna in the Oblivion world, turning it from boring to remarkable in just one download. There are so many packs and so many variations of each pack that you get a choice from a wide variety of plants.

There are also other L&G packs, such as ones to cover the Oblivion worldspace textures which are not covered by Qarl's.


OCOv2, XEO and MBP-based-replacer. Those replace the NPCs in your game world.

OCOv2 is the closest to Skyrim ("realistic"), MBP is second and XEO is the closest to anime.


OBGEv3, ENB, OR, OBGEv2 combo: those are all "general" graphics enchantments; they apply shaders or other things to make your game world look better. It's up to you to research, find and install your favorite. I personally suggest you start here, because messing up this can cause bothersome things like invisible water and others that are very undesirable and difficult to get rid of.

Best get it out of the way before you install anything else, as you can easily & efficiently just delete everything and start over if you messed up.


Body replacer: well, without one your guys and girls have the default body. And Bethesda didn't make an adult-rated game. Guess what that means when you're going to use Lovers?


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