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What do you need to play as futa?

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I already saw some options in the lovers options but it is just about what bottom type to use but i don't know if that automatically means that you are now a futa. This may not really fit here but does someone know how to configer tamago so that the female player doesn't get a vagina distributed to her so that it actually is recognised as a futa?

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Ok, thanks. I took a look at it but it is kinda confusing. let's say i just want the player to be futa and i already have all needed meshes and files then according to the explanation, i shuld only set my (the player) default Lpk body to the desirable futa and than it should be fine, right?


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The Lovers setting spell.

"Sexual Diary"

"Set my Body type"

choose you body



The Lovers setting spell.

"Settings for Body and (un)dressing"

"Attacking women grow penis" must be on


Then player and all female NPCs are Futa  if  they are offender during sex. ( in defender position no Futa body, they will use the body replacer lower body )

Also if they have no Sex and are nude they use the nude body replacer you use ( normally without a penis. So they are no Futa if they have no sex)

The player will use the Lovers futa body which you have chosen during sex.

And the female NPCs will use the default Lovers futa body ( HGEC LL lower)  during sex.


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