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help me with estrus hdt conversion

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soo.. i got everything to make it, i converted the nistristrips to nitrishapes, linked all properly to xmls and set up simple collision from penis xml.. last thing i need is collision capsules at penetrating parts.. i got distortion body etc etc, mesh loads up properly ingame..

now i need to know about collision capsules in animated meshes.. i looked how collision is set up in hdt schlongs and for my understanding its simply lined up nodes with collision capsules.. so i want to know, when i create them in 3ds max, will they move together with the tentacles when rigged correctly? since the different stages of tentacles use multiple meshes, i need to redo process for every mesh or can i just copy them over from one to another? pls, any experienced 3ds max user can give me some hints on this?

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Won't you have to completely re animate this mod to make something like this work?

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