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The walkthrough and "A New Half" quest


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Huge spoilers ahead:



Page 78 of the walkthrough for the Gold Edition states you have the option to ask white pixies for "Guli Bah" before the third and last "milking session" (before leaving the hive, that is). Well, for some reason the VToyGuli topic is not available. Perhaps this is one of the fabled easter eggs, or perhaps the quest was removed from the Nexus version, I don't know. To make things clear: I'm playing a female character, I asked Michelle to be the model for the Landica and I acknowledged her request to experiment with her "gift" beforehand.


Sooo... I've been a naughty boy and used the console (addtopic VToyGuli) at the right time.

As a result I've been able to start the hidden quest, but:

- I can't see any change in the player character, although the pixies recognize her ("No hive") as "white"

(Note: I have setbody in my modlist, but the PC is using the default body).

- The quest update mentions Michelle as "gifted", granted, but also Lidya?

I must have skipped some relevant part of the quest, but I can't tell what it is.



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I will share the recipe I found to work around the problems mentioned in the previous post.

I can't say whether there is a small bug clogging the normal quest flow, or there's a condition I didn't meet in my playthrough (and not mentioned in the manual). However, this should be a fair workaround:




Make sure you meet the prerequisites for the quest (otherwise this would be plain cheating). Before the third milking session, if (and only if) the topic is missing, type in the console:

addtopic VToyGuli


This will make the dialogue available. Ask for "Guli Bah" five times (enjoy the dialogues, they're really funny).

At this point your female character should be "gifted" (if dialogues are to be trusted) but the variable VToyQuest.Gifted is still set to 0.

Let's fix this:

set VToyQuest.Gifted to 1


Now, proceed with the normal gameplay until you reach the Coronation ceremony.

You could trigger the next quest stage before that, but it wouldn't make sense yet.

Complete any side quests if you want, and when you're ready to start "A New Half" quest type in the console:

VToy3SQFuta setstage 20


This will set the quest back on the right track. Go speak to Sister Athena and proceed as normal.

My concerns about the body type were wrong apparently, because the "gift" is not a permanent condition (although IT IS for certain characters, like Ika or Michelle). Lidya's role in the quest makes sense in the end, so everything is fine.



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