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Alternative injector for Darigaz' DMZ armors

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Quick-made mod for better demonstration of DMZ Armors


0) armors are added to merchant (Morwain, Anvil; repeatedly, if already bought) chest via script, not by direct edit (less conflict chance);
1) placeholder male vanila models added:
a) DarkBrotherhood Male armor for Shrouded;
b order armor for Brusef Amelion, Mithril, Iron, and Ebony;
c) arena light blue male armor for Glass and Chainmail;
2) some armorsuit weights are edited to my preferences: for example, 160 seems too much even for Ebony set;
3) six(iirc) girls (some vanila races i like), who could wear some variants of DMZ armor are added by script to vanila "Orc Adventurer" actor list; so they can arrive instead of vanila orc at corresponding locations;
all gals have additional ai-packs for sleep, and search for weapons when disarmed (for any weapon when in combat, or their specific - if not);
their armor "preferences" are also groupped by their classes: DMZ-heavy, DMZ-light and "lightest"(thief-style);


JFYI: vanila Orc-adventurer random-chance locations are: Dzonot cave, Talwinque, HrotandaVale, FortNomore, Niryastare02, ArrowshaftCavern03, GrayrockCave02, KingscrestCavern03, KindredCavern02, FortUrasek02, Rielle, DoomedMine, FortBlackBoot, FortDoubleCross, Nornal03, FortChalman.


This mod should be used instead of original Darigaz's .esp, all other resources from original mod are neccessary.
All questions about this mod [mal]function should be addressed to me, emo877 (please do not bother the author of original mod).


Big thanks to Darigaz17 for beautiful armors.


UPD: look into "support thread", there could be (+1 now) newer versions.

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    Darigaz17's DMZ Armors


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DMZ_VanillaArmors(h102-1) - all 7 girls renamed to abstract name ("adventuress") to reduce weirdness when two identical characters are spawned at once. Also fixed some flaws in their ai-settings and packages (sleep priority, confidence and aggression). 


ps: there's unused additional "holding cell" in .esp - it's WIP - i have unsure plans to make all adventuress persistent and give them more life-like behavior.



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