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Missing Meshes

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I'm using Ashal's load order for my game, plus OOO, MMM and COBL. I'm at the point during the initial prison walkthrough where it tells me to pick up the bow next to the skeleton and practice by shooting at the bucket. I use the Universal Skeleton v.1.81 (the TotalControlableSkeleton option) that he had suggested to use. Both the skeleton and the bow has the giant missing mesh warning. The bow is completely invisible and I can't even pick it up to use it. Here is my load order through Wrye Bash if it helps:


Active Mod Files:


00  Oblivion.esm
01  Cobl Main.esm  [Version 1.72]
02  Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm  [Version 1.34]
03  Mart's Monster Mod.esm  [Version 3.7b3p3]
04  Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esm  [Version 0.9.9MB3]
05  Lovers with PK.esm
06  LoversCreature.esm
**  Cobl Races TNR.esp  [Version 1.53]
**  Cobl Races TNR SI.esp  [Version 1.53]
07  Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp  [Version 3.2.0]
08  DLCShiveringIsles.esp
09  Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp  [Version 1.5.0]
0A  SM Plugin Refurbish - SI.esp  [Version 1.30]
0B  Enhanced Economy.esp  [Version 5.4.3]
**  DropLitTorchOBSE.esp  [Version 2.4]
++  EVE_StockEquipmentReplacer.esp
++  MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp
0C  Cobl Glue.esp  [Version 1.72]
0D  Cobl Si.esp  [Version 1.63]
++  Cobl Tweaks.esp  [Version 1.44]
0E  Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp  [Version 1.34]
++  OOO-Water_Weeds.esp  [Version 1.33]
++  OOO-DLT_Remover.esp  [Version 1.33]
0F  OOO 1.32-Cobl.esp  [Version 1.72]
**  Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp  [Version 0.9.9MB3]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Shivering Isles.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
10  Mart's Monster Mod - Additional Enemy NPC Vars.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Looting NPCs & Creatures.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
11  Mart's Monster Mod - Dungeons of MMM.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
12  Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness Life.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
13  Mart's Monster Mod - City Defences.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Friendlier Factions OOO.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
14  Mart's Monster Mod - Farm Animals.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
15  Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse WaterLife.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Slof Horses Complete.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Runeskulls Loot OOO.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
16  OOO-WaterFish.esp  [Version 1.34]
++  MMM-Cobl.esp  [Version 1.69]
17  Apachii_Goddess_Store.esp
18  Knights.esp
19  Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp  [Version 1.0.9]
++  EVE_KnightsoftheNine.esp
++  SM Plugin Refurbish - Knights.esp  [Version 1.06]
++  Mart's Monster Mod for OOO - Knights .esp  [Version 0.9.9MB3]
1A  Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp  [Version 3.08]
1B  Harvest [Flora].esp  [Version 3.0.0]
++  Harvest [Flora] - Shivering Isles.esp  [Version 3.0.0]
1C  EVE_ShiveringIslesEasterEggs.esp
1D  LoversFSE.esp
1E  LoversAdultPlayPlus.esp
1F  LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp
20  LoversJoburg.esp
21  LoversBed.esp
22  LoversPower.esp
23  LoversContraception.esp
24  Lovers with PK.esp  [Version 90]
25  LoversBitch.esp
26  LoversCreature.esp
27  LoversHelpRapeVPlayer.esp
28  LoversBackup2.esp
29  LoversStopCombatEx.esp
2A  LoversSpermSplashEx.esp
2B  LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer.esp
2C  LoversRapeSlave.esp
2D  LoversLight.esp
2E  LoversHideMenus.esp
2F  LoversSoundVolumeDown.esp
++  Item interchange - Extraction.esp  [Version 0.76]
++  Item interchange - Placement.esp  [Version 0.76]
30  Cobl Races.esp  [Version 1.52]
++  EVE_KhajiitFix.esp
++  Mart's Monster Mod - Resized Races.esp  [Version 3.7b3p3]
++  Slof's Oblivion Better Beasts.esp
++  Cobl Races - Balanced.esp  [Version 1.52]
++  Cobl Filter Late MERGE ONLY.esp  [Version 1.53]
31  Cobl Silent Equip Misc.esp  [Version 01]
32  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
33  LoversMB2.esp
34  LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
35  LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp



I'm currently using OBMM's Archive Invalidation utility and it is set to BSA Redirection, which I update whenever I install a mod just in case. I have no idea what the problem could be, but i'm pretty sure i've installed everything correctly. Anyone have any suggestions?

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You should be using the "controllable" version of the skeleton and not the total controllable version unless you have some specific reason to use it.


I really don't recommend COBL at all as it always seemed to F'up my games (OOO and MMM are great however). Try installing the controllable version of the skeleton and start a new game to see if that fixes things.

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