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Hi everyone,

Right now I get bored everytime I start either Skyrim or Oblivion and feel shitty about playing it since it seems so dead to me (knowing that there are no real people inside of course). Earlier I had no problem with that illusion and almost lived in Oblivion while I had no job. I wish I could enjoy it at least a little... Last saturday I spent 7 hours installing Skyrim with mods etc. and when I played it, I hated it and uninstalled it almost immediately.

Did anyone have similar experiences? How to deal with a situation like that? I'd like to play it to relaxe after a day of work... -.-

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It's more of how you think of the game. You could get high and play it and you might have a more entertaining experience, though I don't recommend that if you can't control yourself. But really, Skyrim does get boring if you just run around realizing these npcs are not real people. I'd suggest doing the dark brotherhood questline, or making a completely new game if your character bores you with its state. I've had those moments once or twice where I wanted to uninstall skyrim, but it's better than doing nothing when you have nothing to do. Lol. Just get fun mods that put more animal, proper lighting enbs, monsters, chaos in skyrim, pack it with a whole lot of new stuff. But for relaxing, I'm not sure what you could do to relax in this game. Probably the most effortless but productive thing would be chopping wood and seeing your character stop after chopping 4 pieces, but that gets pretty aggravating. Lol.

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