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Cursed armor 0.87 issues

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Hello there, community, how are you doing?


Recently I reinstalled Oblivion and decided to spice things up with the English Version of the Chinese Cursed armor mod.

At first it worked fine, even with PlayerSlaveEncounters (in the mod there's that goddess that only come when you're asleep).


Then there's a stage where the player has to meet the Goddess after "laying eggs". However the NPC won't spawn, though the game would still wake me up. Also the PC and the NPC would be standing with no animation playing when it should have.


I tested with the Summon Creature command: when the creature and the PC get down to it, I press the ² button and the game clearly tells me Lovers has selected an animation. When I activate the lovemaking via the Seduce spell from Cursed armor mod, Lovers doesn't activate and no animation is chosen.


Between the early stages where the script and the animations worked and the time where none did, I didn't install anything extra, at most I might've changed the load order.


As of now, I have




loaded in the exact recommended order, after Lovers_with_PK.esm and LoversCreature.esm

and I have






loaded at the very bottom, after LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp

since screenshots speak even louder, here are my bottom (scr1), up(scr2) and center load order (scr3)


Thank you very much, have a good day.





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Good afternoon, Gregathit.


I'm surprised that somehow I missed it completely! and also that it worked for a while...


Thank you very much, Ill just create another Oblivion install specifically for Cursed armor.


Have a good day!

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