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How to start properly modding New Vegas ?

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Hi guys,


I've just bought one edition of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, to wait for the final Release of Fallout 4 and then the sexout mod.

So, this is my first time trying to mod Fallout. So, tell me what's the best.

I used to play Oblivion with enslavement, player slavery, pregnancy and a lot mod. I used Wrye Bash, TESEdit, and a lot of way to clean the game. Then on Skyrim, I played with ModOrganizer a lot of mods, defeat, pregnancy, extra maps like Wyrmstooth, HDT full physics, and a lot of things to have fun (except slavery, I never found a mod as complete and fun as LST was) and of course, ENB and a lot of followers. I'm approaching the 200's mods on each game, and it works fine. Now, I want to show up on Wasteland ^^


I want to try Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 with this kind of mods... so guys, what's the best bodies, the best followers, the best mods, and the funniest animations ? Is there a way to mod it with ModOrganizer (very helpfull to trick and to tweak a lot of things remaning a clean installation) ?


Thanks for the help ^^




Here is my config,


i7 6600k



SSD Hard Drive


I've eard there is a way to have one single game with the F3 and NV with the Tales of Two Wasteland... Is it compatible with a heavy modded Sexout game ?

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get FOMM from over here to manage all the stuff

get ArchiveInvalidation from nexus

get NewVegasAntiCrash

get NewVegasStutterRemover

get NVSE from silverlock


install the first four manually

install FOMM open the tools tab and deselect ArchiveInvalidation


go to FONV's directory open ArchiveInvalidation and select activate


go to FOMM re-select ArchiveInvalidation (doing that is important. do not skip that)


go to FONV's directory and send to desktop (make a shortcut) 4gbNewVegas


then go get MCM & Weapon Mod Menu


thats how i lay the groundwork. dealing with sexout for the very first time is very confusing btw-

its a different animal than sexlab

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