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Desperatley need help with Werewolves.


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I just need my male Werewolves to have a sheathed animal penis, and female Werewolves to have breasts with tits and a vagina.

I have downloaded and tried several mods (MNC, Sexlab Werewolves, Mighty Beasts, etc.) but, after several weeks of trying, just cannot get the results I need. I have More Nasty Critters installed, the version including the creature framework. Ill install Mighty Beasts, overright the default textures, the ones that add a flaccid penis to both male and female, but the results are catastrophic. Males no longer have a penis, females have breasts but nothing else. There is a slsight indentation on both genders instead of genitalia.


Mods Installed: Xp32 Maximum Skeleton

FNIS & FNIS Creature Pack

More Nasty Critters

Sexlab Framework

Sexlab Werewolves

Mighty Beasts

SOS Full


Any help to resolving my problem would be appreciated. I just cant for the life of me figure out how to get this shit to work.



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