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Play as a gray alien armor :D (WIP)


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Greetings, people! This is Culuf the alien, a character I've played with (in Daz3D) for awhile.

Much was done by PierreDorian into armor parts after so may people tried the custom race way.

Many thanks to him  ^_^


I don't even know how to convert to .nif and set bone weights. I exported this as .bvh files.


With what happened to Krista for Demonica at the Nexus (B&), I didn't want to upload this there.

Also, there's a problem with the eyes I can't figure out =/

That's why it's a Work In Progress. But playable finally \o/


Here are some pictures:







I need help from skilled modders!

Notice the eyes: (The whites are wrong, supposed to be all black)







I filled the texture in all black at first, same issue! And those eyes look fine in Nifskope D:

(Very important to keep the reflection)







TO (get someone to help) LIST:

[_] Smoothing out the meshes? Because neck, butt, eyes and some seams. Edit: Also finger animation problems.

[_] That whole eyes color thing.

[_] Someone to convert .bvh into .nif for extra helmets? Emotions! Happy, sad, angry (I would give you those .bvh)

[_] ^Also mouth open is very important! (For dialogue screenshots)

[_] Eventually, custom race? Because I have a male one in Daz3D too.

[_] Custom armors (I have in Daz) for the aliens after custom race!


I recommend AddItemMenu <-Clicky!


Edit: I tested in game! The animations for spells and weapons, fingers animate okay, not static.

There's some strange stretching of the fingers? Fists (H2H) look really funny.


The file's below, have fun ;D





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Using a custom race is for sure advised.

Or you will have tons of problems with existing head parts, armors, etc.

Rememebr that armors include the body.


And if you like, you can make the race "playable".


Just be sure the race use the vanilla skeleton (or XPMSE, depending on what you need.)


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I agree! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do any of that stuff :­(

Right now they operate as armor parts. So armor can't be worn over it until custom race.

Just running around as a naked alien  :lol:

If anyone visiting wants to help (which pretty much means "do it for me" because I'm clueless)..

I'm open to that  :)

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For the "body" technically converting it to a real body is not complex.

Creating a new race in not really complex too (I think I added some instructions like this in my Tutorial to create a follower, but I am not 100% sure.)


About head/headparts, then here the situation will become complex.

Feet and hands are not too complex to be implemented.


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