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Riverwood FPS Drop


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This is a longshot but I decided to post anyway on the chance that someone may have had the same problem. I've started to get a huge frame-rate drop in one section of Riverwood -- it's the road between the Sleeping Giant Inn and the Riverwood Trader (from where it branches off the main street all the way to the stone gate) and the area behind the Sleeping Giant. My frame-rate drops from 55-60 down to 20 (and has even gone as low as 10 fps). I uninstalled all my texture mods, all recently installed mods and anything that might even remotely impact the area, and scoured all the info provided by Tes5edit (didn't see any conflicts) but the problem still persists. I'm usually pretty good at troubleshooting but this one has me stumped and it's driving me crazy!

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Its really not going to have anything to do with your Load Order.


Its going to be about


Did you install properly ENBboost, SKSE memory tweak, and/or Crash Fixes...


Then after that it comes down to Hardware Vs what textures mods, mesh additions, city overhauls, AI additions, Scripted mods that add stuff to AI's


Saying you have a problem in Riverwood is a lot like saying there is water in the ocean.



Also Bad INI tweaks, and poorly picked ENB Presets...

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"Saying you have a problem in Riverwood is a lot like saying there is water in the ocean"


I know -- that's why I was so hesitant to post -- I was just hoping that someone out there would say "I had the exact same problem and removing such-and-such mod took care of it". Sometimes you get lucky and that happens.


"Its going to be about ..."


Yeah, I know all that stuff which is why it's so frustrating -- when I have a problem like this, I usually know (if even only in a very general way) what the cause is, but I'm really stumped on this one. Which is why I'll probably resort to a complete reinstall -- that always fixes everything, lol.


But thanks guys for taking the time to read and post -- I appreciate it.

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Frame rate drops like could have several reasons, abvious one is if you use HDT make sure the xml reflect all the meshes you use lets say if your xml supports belly node and npc enters the area and she don't have any belly bone on her mesh then frame rate will drop considrable. also check your pc temp if it gets too hot also your playability will be slowed down causes this weird frame drop running out of memory for your GPU also causes this.

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Those are good things to remember when having problems -- I don't think they apply in this situation because it was occurring in a very small, specific location. At any rate, I'm halfway through a complete reinstall and the problem is gone now. Would have liked to have known what was causing it though ... thanks for your help.

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