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Fallout 3 question

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I have a slight problem, as I am still new to modding this is rather difficult for me. Can anyone direct me to where to find the "Fallout 3 script extender" because I have already downloaded some mods but without the script extender program I can't use any of them? The mods I have downloaded aren't many, just a few to make the game adult based like skin meshes for nudity and sex, but also a couple of quests which sound interesting. Now I didn't download NMM because I heard there are some problems with that program, so if there is a specific program for fallout 3 only I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me what program that is and if possible direct me as to where to find that as well. Now I have heard you can simply put the mod files in the game itself without the need of a mod manager but since i'm still new to this, I didn't feel that would be wise since knowing my luck i'd mess something up and have to re-install the entire game on my laptop. Unless there is an experienced modder on here who can explain how to do that in detail which I would be very greatful to them if they could give me a step by step rundown on how to install mods directly into the correct folders so I don't mess up and have to re-install the game. Thank you for your time and patience in this matter. On a side note, I only have fallout 3 without dlc, as I didn't have enough to buy the dlc version of fallout 3.

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Giving  you step by step instructions will be reinventing the wheel, but I'll tell you where to find the resources. Type FOSE (the abbreviation for Fallout Script Extender) into Google, and the silverlock.org page to download it will be your first result. For a good mod manager for Fallout 3/New Vegas, search this forum for FOMM, which stands for Fallout Mod Manager.

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