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(Odd issue with animations) Old People race and Khajiit race have the dreaded T-pose/missing animations

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Hey all, 


I've been scouring the internet today for anything related to my issue to no avail. Simply put, Skyrim is running perfectly fine for once, however the Old people race and Khajiit race seem to be missing their animations. I was made aware of this after starting the mages college questline where tolfdir and J'zargo where T-posing and they only way i could get the quest to continue semi-naturally was to setrace nord the both of them as that seemed to fix their animations.


if anyone has any insight into this matter i'd really appreciate the assistance   :)


(i have used FNIS as admin and disable-enabled them in console to no avail also)

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Guest Suited Prawns

Are you using any animation mods?

Have you run FNIS after installing every animation mod?

Are you using any replacers for these races?

Does this happen to all old people and Khajiit or only those two?

Have you checked if any animation mods you may have need a FNIS patch?

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-Small combat animation changes to the PC only besides FNIS sexy move which only effects females anyway.

-I always run FNIS after anim installs.

-No replacers at all.

-All old people and khajiit of both genders seem affected, no other race that ive seen has any issues.

-Im positive all patched needed are ticked in FNIS also.


(update: demora also have no animations either) 

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