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New Computer and Mods

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That relies on the installation method.

- For MO you can just move the "mods", "profiles" (and "downloads") folders into a new MO installation, they include all infos needed, "downloads" is important if you use files that aren't public anymore

- For NMM I'm not sure, there you should ask someone who uses it

- When you've installed manually, then I'd say burn your entire FO4 installation and set up a totally new modding environment WITH a mod management tool!

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Re manual install, you could copy over the installation folder, but you'll have to sort out the load order unless you copy the .esp files one by one. 


Similar to getting teeth pulled one by one.


I do this to restore the install after mods and move it from PC to PC, never used NMM or MO.

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I recently went through the same process as you are, in my case, after installing a new system drive and Win10 due to a HDD crash. I'm a NMM user and after doing a search on how to transfer an existing installation, I decided to start fresh anyway by re-downloading and installing all my mods. It was a time consuming process BUT I'm glad I did it since the result was a "clean" installation with updated mod versions. 


I did come across a few mods that were no longer available but since I could still access the crashed HDD, I just opened up the old NMM mod folder, found the archive and installed the mod that way. It also gave me a chance to decide which mods were actually necessary and which were just taking up an ESP slot.


I know this doesn't really answer your question but I believe the benefits from a clean, FRESH install definitely outweigh the dubious convenience of just copying your old crap onto your new computer and then fighting with NMM or MO to properly recognize said crap.


Good luck on whatever you choose to do,

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