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[Sims 3] Problems with cmaar morphing penis FEMALES

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As said in the tittle, Im having problems with the morphing script, it does... nothing. As im cmaar blog it says it must be a conflict between 2 mods, does that means that penis script is imcopatible with Oniky Kinky world? 

I have all expansions and currently running on ver 1.67 (FUCK ORIGIN) #steamforevaaa

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Morphing Penises are very much compatible with KinkyMod. In fact, since around version 315 (Patreon) there's a Kinky debug command to turn your sim into a futanari (and back). KinkyMod seems to use Cmar's morphing penis. I think KW uses the Accessory Penis (at least, it's listed right under all the sunglasses and bras and panties and pantyhose).


My suggestion would be to open your mods folder, move the cmar stuff and anything else that has penises or naked bottoms to another folder, then install from the Cmar web site again. Last time I had a similar conflict, I just removed everything and only moved back what I could identify. 




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You can look for Delphy's Dashboard to scan the Packages folder for conflicts, I'd also make sure to delete simCompositorCache and compositorCache in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3, before starting the game again (make sure you don't delete anything that doesn't say Cache in it).

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