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Clothing clipping issue with latex gloves.

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Currently my character is wearing a catsuit plus gloves and boots. For one, the catsuit isn't conforming to her body shape (though her piercings are, which float in front of her and wobble) and the gloves and boots clip into the suit.




Now, I know the problem already. I need to do the whole bodyslider thing, convert the items into something that conforms with the body shape.

Thing is, I don't know where the files for these are. I'm not even 100% sure I know which mod these came from.


Attached is my load order so you can see which mods I have and which one it might come from.

I'm hoping someone can point me to the right files I need. This has generally been the tricker part of the modding experience for me so far. Not fun having my characters body get *ahem* more sizable as her arousal goes up if it's not shown in the things she wears =)

Load Order 3.txt

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Regarding a topic I made in the technical support forum



I'm having clipping issues with some ebonite gloves and boots. Also the ebonite catsuit my character is stuck in doesn't match her physique.


Clearly I need the bodyslider thing doing but I was not certain which mod supplied these objects. I'm assuming it's Deviously Cursed Loot. I've tried googling and searching on this site but I can't find the bodysliders for CBBE or even any body type. Can someone point me in the right direction? I'd very much like to continue with my gal's larger arroused boobs rather than the stock sized ones.


Thank you! =)

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Guest Electriq

The items comes from DD stuff, and this mod adds bodyslide support, I had same issue like you until I got this :)


Only small problem that I have atm when it comes to stuff like that is the Padded Bra, but it's probably fixable easily, I just didn't look into it

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That didn't seem to fix it. Looking at the list of items in the Bodyslide mod shows the items as all being black. The gloves, boots etc my character is currently wearing are white.


Also there's nothing for the catsuit in that file, so she's still got a smaller bust than she should have.

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catsuit? black catsuit? i think it's cursed loot, in bodyslide Outfit/Body it is named 'Cursed Loot mxw Catsuit' and 'Cursed Loot mxw Catsuit TBBP'. Or it's from devious devices ( i use them too)

tips: if you have an item which you don't know where it's coming from, use mfg console(included in Sexlab Framework), drop the item, open console, click the item, and you can see the info about it.


or if you remember every single mod in your load order you could type      help <item name>     and look at two first digit ( the first two digit is your mod load order )

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Guest Electriq

Gah I just realised, I think the non-black items are from Captured Dreams.

Is there an obvious bodyslide file for those?


Still  not sure where the rubber catsuits come from...


I'm not sure about that, but I'd go to the official Captured Dreams topic and ask there, Veladarius is awesome at support and will definitely let you know how to sort it out :)

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