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Merging Mods - to what extend?

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So there are programs out there that let you reduce the amounts of mods you have to load by merging them, for whatever purpose. (Either having too much of them or whatever)


I never tried that myself, as my mod list contains of 173 esms/esps, which Skyrim is still able to load, but I was wondering if it was possible to merge the whole load order of esps into one single one if one is definitely done modding Skyrim and found a loading order that works perfectly and stable.


I'm not using any mod manager, and I haven't found a way that lets me export my loading order in any way using the standard Skyrim data organizer.


I checked my stuff with LOOT once, and let it take care of my loading order, but it screwed everything. The game started but some mods stopped working until I went back to MY specific order again. As much as I remembered it anyway.


But in case of having to reinstall Skyrim - or move the installation to my laptop as well, I am looking for a more convenient way other than manually writing down my whole loading order just to spend about one hour to move everything in place again, checking the list over and over again as the standard Organizer doesn't save order, nor active or inactive mods.


And it wouldn't be hard to check a single ESP, would it? The list of ESM files isn't that long anyway and the order is quite clear. At least to me. Plus, I've been backing up my Oblivion folder ever since, copying it over any new installation with all that was in it, and I never had problems doing so, so I assume that it would work the same way with the Skyrim folder, SKSE, all fixes and ENB and whatever. Just sorting out my loading order always and ever again did bother me. (Not even OBMM wanted to save it in any way - that's why I abandoned mod managers in the first place.)


Well... long text, short question:

Can you merge ALL your ESP files into one single one? ^^

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The issue with merging them all is...




Later you might find that in fact after many hours of play you have a mod in the load order that is actually problematic.


At that point the question becomes


How do I cull out the bad and keep the good?

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The issue with merging them all is...




there's more problems to take care of to merge




issue 1 : esp with errors should not be merge, result is broken esp



issue 2 :mods like frostfall, ineed, sexlab.... have scripts that look for some esp to activate things, if you no longer have the esp, script will no longer activate anything unless you edit it



issue 3 : some mods have dll that require x.esp to work


you don't merge mods

you put others mods in the ones you can't merge


issue 4 : conflicts


loading loot that's just to avoid ctd because of masters under the mod that require them

that don't mean your load order work

mod a edit x, mod b edit x, if you don't put mod a in mod b, one of them don't work (it's because of that there are patchs, but there can't be patchs for everything)




there's no need to merge anything for your problem anyway


load tesedit with your load order, that is supposed to work

make mod 10 master of mod 11

then mod 11 master of mod 12

then mod 12 master of mod 13...

now if you load the game with another load order, you will ctd

but loading loot will result in that load order (since it just put masters above the mod that require them)


that's still a stupid solution

don't remember much oblivion, but i don't remember having to mess with my load order without reason

like in skyrim, mo have my load order in a .txt, it will always be that unless i mess with it

just check the readme if you have no idea how to use them

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That's why I asked if it was possible if you're done with modding and absolutely sure that there's no conflict in there. ^^


My list seems to be clean so far, no gamebreaking stuff installed. The only issues I had seemed to be related to the Hearthfire Multikid mod - it turned out that it had to be loaded first to be able to mark a house as my new home for the first time, then had to be put somewhere near the end of my loading order, otherwise it wouldn't allow me to buy any vanilla homes or marry. Strange thing, but yeah I'd definitely keep that one out for that reason. Everything else does what it should.


Other than that, if I just went to 'group' mods to reduce the list, what would be a good point to start at?

Grouping similar mods together, for example, armor mods to armor mods, housemods to housemods, weathermods to weathermods (like CoT 5+Minty's+Patch+Wonders of Weather+Real Rain) or is it better to stick with the loading order, and merge 2 or 3 mods that load one after another anyway= (Assuming that they are final and won't receive any updates anymore)


EDIT: Thank you Yatol, I didn't think about THAT kind of stuff... that makes stuff complicated indeed...

I was thinking about using MO, but as I had already installed a lot of stuff I didn't want to reainstall everything. :s

The TESedit solution sounds somehow interesting though. ^^


Checking my stuff in LOOT didn't result in conflicts anymore after I sorted things out. It just shows some stuff it recommends to clean with TESedit, like 2 or 3 mods (which shouldn't be cleaned) and the official DLCs (I wonder why but I better not touch them O.o)


Anyway, thanks for the answers.

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