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Help with Sims 3 Hair Conversion


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Hey all!


I'm at my wit's end here. I've been trying to convert this hair for Skyrim. I've actually converted this hair for personal use before, once for Sims 4 and once much more recently for Oblivion, but something about the Skyrim process is stumping me. I couldn't find a lot on conversion, but I was trying to follow Endiness' guide here, but I ran into more than a few snags. Aside from the guide images being gone(?), my Sims 3 hair missing a lot of properties compared to Apachii or KS Hairs, things like BSDisMemberSkin and all that. Right now I'm using Blender, though my knowledge of how to use it properly pretty much only extends to a Sims-3-to-Oblivion guide in PSD format, found here. I did come across a post somewhere on here that shows someone adding modifiers via 3dsMax, but I'd just like to know that I've exhausted all my Blender-related options before I go scrounging around for yet more software.

Thoughts? Advice?

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Welp, I'm a dunce. Turns out KS Hairs Renewal has this under the "Tsugumi" name for females, so a quick duplicate edit in the Creation Kit lets me use it for guys. Guess I answered my own question there. XD Feel free to close this topic down, I guess.

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