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Animations not aligning properly

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So I'm having an issue with sexlab where the animation aren't exactly aligning properly on a lot of things hands will go through the body, will just be floating a few inches in front of it and the main thing is that a lot of the time the penis will just be rubbing against the characters stomach or during a blowjob animation piercing their forehead, I read that if you turn on even actor heights in the MCM it will fix it but when I do this the game crashes immediately upon an animation attempting to start.


I have installed all required mods and ran FNIS everything else is working fine except for the alignment.  

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Welcome to Skyrim and SexLab animations.  Animators design animations to a specific body (SOS/FavoredSouls/SAM for males, UNP/CBBE/etc for females).  And each animator may design for their preferred combination (SOS/CBBE, SAM/UNP, FS/ADEC, SOS/UNP, etc).  Because of this, animations don't (and CAN'T) automatically align because everybody uses something different.  Also, scaling in Skyrim is wonky to begin with, and depending on the race mods used and SexLab settings for scaling, you can get some wildly misaligned animations.  Remember that you can adjust position in SexLab and it will persist.  Also, SOS has it's own schlong adjusters that you can use to align the schlong.

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