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Schlongs of skyrim is unequipping my armor

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Soo i was playing skyrim when my schlong dissapears maybe its armmed to the teeth since when discard my daggers it appears and im able to use armor again


It sounds like ATT is using slot 52 to show daggers, so equipping them removes armor and schlong.  With SOS full, all chest/body armor (slot 32) also takes up slot 52 (basically, crotch).  This is used to hide the schlong (slot 52).  So if you equip something that takes up slot 52 (like the daggers apparently do with ATT), then the schlong will disappear (as will anything that has slot 52 assigned).  Unless ATT has a simple way of changing the slots used (not really familiar with that mod), not much can be done about that without some Creation Kit usage.  There are alternatives to ATT on Nexus you might look into, also someone else here may have another solution.


Hmmm, you could set you armor to be "revealing" through the SOS MCM.  This removes slot 52 from the armor.  Then you can wear the armor and daggers together and still hide the schlong because the daggers still take up slot 52.  If you want schlong, armor, and dagger to appear together, then it's back to changing the slots daggers use in ATT through the CK (if ATT doesn't have a simple way of changing it).

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