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Can't get AnyGameStarter Sims 3 to see new install location


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I moved my Sims 3 over to my SSD drive to help performance but now Any Game Starter Sims 3 says it can't find the game. Now I edited a profile so that profile can find the game so I can still play with my mod setup but I can't find a way to tell it where the launcher is which means I can't add any new downloads to my mod setup. Does anyone know where Any Game Starter gets it environment info from? I'm playing a steam installed version of the game.


OK I figured it out. Steam used to use the same registry keys as EA but at some point in the past year or so they changed them so that's why Any Game Starter couldn't find it. Well I was able to fix that by making a second set of reg keys that AGS could find. After getting that working though I still had a problem with the Launcher as every time I tried to add a download file it gave me a critical system error message. The only work around I could find for this was to convert the sims3pack's into package files, this work well. I then combined my hundreds of package files into 9 package files.

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