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Horse Hud Bug... has no one seriously found a solution to it yet?


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It seems that I've hit the infamous horse crosshair/hud glitch, where the whole hud disappears if you draw a weapon while on a horse. Crosshair, compass, enemy health. It all goes right out the window.

I've tried looking on google but I can't find a cause let alone a solution. It's been 4 whole years, has no one seriously found a solution to it?

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I've only gotten the crosshair bug when it vanishes once. I don't think this happens if you have convenient horses mod installed.

I have CH installed, and it does happen.


EDIT: I found the problem. It was caused by Minor Arcana of all things. MA included a file Interface/exported/hudmenu.gfx in its BSA, which causes the bug. Removal of this file fixed this issue.

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