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Make rain more visible


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As the title suggests, I'd like to make rain more visible somehow. I use True Storms and an ENB. The main issue I have is that unless there is a torch or something, the rain is practically invisible. I'd like something like this video 


I'd say what my ENB is, but I don't know what it is since I installed it months ago and forgot to save the zip before cleaning my download folder.

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Try using Climates of Tamriel as well as True Storms, sometimes the rain is so heavy I can't see where I'm going and I have to hit shift F12 to turn off  the enb just to make sure I'm not about to walk off a cliff, I'm using RealVision enb by the way.


I'd like to try Downpour, but the True Storms page lists it as incompatible. :(

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