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[Guide] Fixing neck / hand gaps after building bodyslide!


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Hi all,


Sometimes I run into hand and neck gaps when building certain outfits using bodyslide. These gaps can be relatively small, but it is still quite annoying for me. I have been searching the forum for a solution, posted many threads but they all ended up without any answers.


I recently discovered a solution to solve all of these neck / hand gaps. Not sure if this will help anyone as much as it helped me but I'll just put it out here anyway.


You will need:

- Nifskope

- Creation Kit


Summary: You simply need to change the slot that the item take. The item that cause neck/hand gap will usually takes up the body slot (32). Just change it to a different slot, like 45 or 46.


For those who don't know what I'm talking about in the Summary.

What you need to do?

- Firstly, build the conversions with your chosen body. There will be hands / Neck gap with these outfits

- Navigate to the Mesh folder of the exact piece of equipment that cause these hands / neck gap when equipped. It will usually be an overall (the one that take up your body slot).

- Open these meshes via Nifskope. Find all "BDismemberSkininstance". Go to Partitions Body part list, change "Body part" to 45. Do this for ALL BDismemberskininstance.

- Do both the _0 mesh and the _1 mesh. Save and overwrite your changes.

- Open the Creation Kit, choose the esp that has your outfit in it.

- Find the name of your outfit in "Armor", Double click it and change the equipslot from 32 to 45. Remember to make sure that slot 32 is not highlighted.

- Do the same, but this time with "Armor Addon" instead of just "Armor".

- Save your esp.


Launch your game, try equipping your outfits again, this time there should be no more hands / neck gap!

A word of warning: There might be some clipping, but hey clipping is probably better than those gaps :P!


Hopefully this guide will be helpful to those who need it!


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