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  1. Hi Pama, The patch you made worked perfectly, thank you for your hard work 🤗. To everyone who are suffering the CTD as soon as the blade hits the neck bug, you can just spawn a clone of your character and command it to go to the block. I have found that while not fixing the problem directly, it's a very viable replacement.
  2. Hi Pama, I have attached the required logs below. I think I can see what the issue is, Follower = None always happens, regardless of whether I actually have followers or not. I am currently using EFF, I have tested again with AFT and the same thing seems to occur. The screenshot isn't from the test cell, but the same log nevertheless.
  3. Hi, thanks for trying to help. So first of all, nothing is overwriting SkyUI. I am playing a Custom Race, like literally just vanilla races made custom. I haven't tried other races to see if it crashes. The only overwrite SMP-PE path does is to the ini and dll of HDTPhysicsExtension. I don't really understand the reasoning behind it, but some mods with HDT clothes only work with SMP-PE and not the regular HDTPhysicsExtension.
  4. Hi Pama, thanks for the rapid response. I did not have any follower at all when I tested, I simply spawned like 5 guards and executed one to see if it worked properly. Using the same method, I tried again with one follower, and then several followers, but it stills show the "no Link to executionerguard" text when an actor is sent to the chopping block. I'm guessing the script attempts to locate an executionerGuard but fails to find one for whatever reason. But if it was the player's character, then the executionerguard would be located almost immediately, after around 3 attempts at m
  5. Yes I already have that mod installed. I don't think it's an issue relative to that tho, since the crash only happens with SMP-PE enabled. It's supposed to be obsolete from what I can tell, but I have it on anyway, just in case.
  6. Hello, I ran into some minor problems with the chopping block. When I use setfavorstate to assign a character to the block, the game only manages to find the executioner and not the executionerguard. It simply says "no link to executionerguard" regardless of how many npcs in the testzone (guard or not). The animation would still play fine, just without the executioner guard. Everything works perfectly fine for my own character though, executioner and executionerguard are found quickly.
  7. Hi all, I am currently experience crashes in Racemenu only while changing hairs, and only happens when I enable the "SMP-PE path" mod through Mod Organizer. I am currently using KS, HG and SG Hair, I have tried removing each of them individually but the crashes still occur. I have several crash fixes enabled as well but none seems to help. The crash does not occur instantly, but after moving the hair sliders for a while it will CTD, the strange part is none of the hair has HDT-SMP attached but the CTD will still occurs. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  8. Hi, There are some mesh files for the liquid. If you open them up and quickly go through them, you can see the colour sliders R G B A. Set the value of "A" to 0 and the liquid should be invisible :)! Edit: there are usually 2 color sliders per mesh files and 3 liquid mesh files to edit.
  9. You can try: clicking on the NPC with the console. Get your item's id. type Equipitem <ID>. That usually works for me.
  10. Anyone else getting the infamous grayface NPC bug from the mod? This is the only problem I have. Everything else works extremely well!
  11. You guys could just alternatively refresh the page and the image should pops up.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone still have this armor? http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1197.html All the links I have followed are all dead. Thanks :D!
  13. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24385-outfit-studiobodyslide-2-cbbe-conversions/page-234?do=findComment&comment=1980973 Can you actually search before requesting? It's right inside this thread. You could be wasting other people's time should they choose to convert what's already available.
  14. Great conversion as always, but I really must ask how come you didn't just use the bodyslide conversion that the author has already made?
  15. As Requested Barbaric Boobs CBBE HDT&BS. Any problems, let me know. Click the green arrow below if you like this conversion. If the vest is equipped, the loincloth disappears. I think I saw this somewhere before, what was the solution to that again? Is it devious devices? Check the settings and see if you have something.
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