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I try to add an option for an NPC who is a dancer. The goal is that when she goes on the dance stage she gets naked when she dances.


A friend suggested me to copy the settings from the Blades quest were Delphine talks to the player in the basement of the Inn and then walks to the chest and changes her outfit. But, I couldn't figure out where these settings are. I could just find in MQ106 quest, in stage 55, a script like this:




; Delphine gears up for trip to Kynesgrove
Actor delphine = Alias_Delphine.GetActorRef()
delphine.AddItem(Arrows, 15)




I created a new quest. Then, an dancer NPC, a danceroutfit that contains only a ring. I modified the script at stage 0 like this one:




Actor dancer = Alias_dancer.GetActorRef()



It didn't compile and showed error that it couldn't figure out the reference aliases.


I've been totally confused...


My questions are:

1. Do I need to create a quest?

2. What kind of script do I need?

3. Where did I go wrong?


Thank you in advance...



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