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[REQ] Hybrid races


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I'll have this need in Slavers Rule the World so it's not really urgent.


By genetic manipulation I'll produce slaves, for now only human but if anybody is able to create hybrid races (so 50% part of human and 50% part of non-human) I'll be VERY interested :D



  • by needs concern slaves so the NPCs must be normal size (maybe 90%/110% of a standard human
  • as a man I prefer see on my screen women so if only the female is done it's not a problem :P


Samples :

  • a female with tits like a brahmin would be for me a slave producing food 
  • a NPC with muscles like a mutant would be a good guard for my settlements
  • a NPC half-zombie would be a good trainer 
  • when I'll work on the sex slaves part, give me an hybryd man having juste one part of a male brahmin to train my slaves :)
  • and so on ...
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Well, if someone takes the time to separates every race meshes in parts (head, torso, right arm, left arm, legs...) and rescale them to be more humansized, then add it automatron dlc robot parts, you'll obtain something like that. Would be more RP to use a different workshop item tho, something like a bio vat, which open when you finish with the subject...

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