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CTD on power attack

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Hi there!


When I perform a power attack that drains all of my stamina, I get a CTD. This occurs with ONLY Sexlab and its dependencies installed. I have followed all the troubleshooting steps and the bug persists even on a fresh install with a new game. I recently returned to Skyrim and updated all my mods, but I don't think I had this problem before. Reverting to previous versions of sexlab (back to 1.60HF2) did not resolve the problem, so it may be due to a new version of a dependency. This problem has occurred to at least two others before, there is a (short) thread about it in February on the Nexus but the solution was simply to disable sexlab. I can't link to it but it can be found by googling "Sexlab CTD Stamina Power Attack".


My papyrus log is from a session that included Alternate Start for ease in replicating the bug, but the problem persists without it.


Thank you!



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I just started a game, waited for everything to initialize, and then reproduced the bug. It took maybe a minute. A crash did occur in that session and about a dozen before it.


I don't have the exact load order anymore, (I discarded it because the sticky said it wasn't necessery), but all I had was the most recent versions of the USLEEP, SKYUI, Racemenu, FNIS, XPMSE (I also tried the normal XPMS), Sexlab, and Alternate Start, all sorted by LOOT. SKSE and ENB are installed. Basically just the bare minimum.

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